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TJT Human Resources Services

Thomas, Judy & Tucker recently welcomed Lorilynn Spronk to the Outsourced Accounting Services division. This division of the firm provides a full-range of accounting and human resources (HR) services, customized to fit the specific needs of your business.  Outsourcing your human resources functions allows you to focus on business productivity and provides access to expertise and technology without necessarily having to own them.  It can be a struggle to keep up with ever changing and evolving employment laws and failure to comply can lead to serious financial consequences.  A trusted provider of outsourced HR services can help you understand and take action to comply with laws and regulations.

Lorilynn has over 20 years of human resources administration and management experience, and expands our firm’s human resources support to include planning, development and design functions.  As manager of HR Services, Lorilynn leads a staff of professionals who provide a wide range of HR services:

  • Compensation plan design: developing pay structures, incentive plan design, annual pay review process
  • Human resources information systems: implementation and management of hosted or cloud-based solutions
  • ACA Compliance: tracking eligibility and offers of coverage, year-end reporting
  • Performance management:  process design, management training
  • Management training: leadership and management skills, regulatory compliance
  • Management of employee data: tracking and reporting of employment information, storage of confidential files, paid-time-off administration, on-boarding, background checks, I-9 verification, terminations, COBRA administration, unemployment claims
  • Benefit plan administration:  facilitation of annual benefit renewal and open enrollment, day-to-day administration and support for your employees
  • Policies & Procedures:  policy and employee handbook development, mandatory workplace postings
  • Job design and evaluation:  development of job descriptions, job classifications

Our firm offers customized services that meet the specific requirements of your business.  That may include one-time projects, such as development of an employee handbook or compensation plan, or on-going support of day-to-day human resources activity.  We work directly with company management or can partner with your in-house HR team.  Our accounting and HR services teams have a solid reputation for providing quality services.

We would welcome your call to discuss any HR-specific needs for your business.  Please contact Lorilynn Spronk, Manager – HR Services, at 919-532-7965 or email