TJT Certified Public Accountants

Both business and personal income taxation laws and regulations become increasingly complex with the passing of each year. Our team stays on top of the changing laws and technical rulings in order to provide our clients with the most current advice. Our team will make sure that you take advantage of any deductions allowable while staying compliant with the regulations. As your business grows, we will work with you to ensure that your expansion is matched by our service to your business. We are experienced with multi-state issues and will work to make sure that your growing business stays compliant with all state regulations and filing requirements.

Providing excellent taxation service is so much more than just annual tax preparation and filing. We work with you throughout the year, generating tax forecasts and planning appropriately to minimize your tax burden when filing season arrives. We will shape our services to the specific needs of your business or you personally.

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Some keys areas we cover:

  • Preparation of all applicable returns
  • Entity Selection
  • Taxation aspects related to the purchase or sale of business
  • Multi-State taxation
  • Selection of accounting methods
  • Like-kind exchanges
  • Tax and property settlement advisory
  • Charitable gift strategies
  • Cost segregation
  • Income tax credits
  • Representation during federal and state audits